Another new type of post: Point and Counterpoint

By Stephan Lewandowsky
Professor, School of Experimental Psychology and Cabot Institute, University of Bristol
Posted on 28 July 2011

Fresh on the heels of our "in the news" items, we introduce another type of post, called "Point and Counterpoint", identified by this icon:

This icon identifies posts that are followed by a related post on the same topic with a different, usually opposing opinion.

Once a counterpoint has been published, clicking on this icon next to each of the posts involved will take the reader straight to the opposing viewpoint.

The first post appears below, by David Hodgkinson, and argues for nuclear power as one way in which climate change can be mitigated. There will be two posts in this series, and they will be followed by at least one counterpoint post that will raise difficulties with nuclear power as a solution.

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