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  • No accusations of deception. Any accusations of deception, fraud, dishonesty or corruption will be deleted. This applies to both sides. Stick to the science. You may criticise a person's methods but not their motives.
  • No ad hominem attacks. Attacking other users or anyone holding a different opinion to you is common in debates but gets us no closer to understanding the science. For example, comments containing the words 'religion' and 'conspiracy' tend to get deleted. Comments using labels like 'alarmist' and 'denier' are usually skating on thin ice.
  • What are ad hominem statements? Although that word is bandied about quite readily, it is not always clear that it is used correctly. "Ad hominem" means "aimed at the person", and so it refers to statements such as "Al Gore is fat" or "Daffy Duck is stupid." Statements that are about a person's actions are generally not ad hominem, even if they are critical. For example, stating that "Al Gore's opinions are flawed" is not an ad hominem statement if it is backed up by evidence or argument. Likewise, "Daffy Duck's argument makes no sense" is not ad hominem; an easy test is to ask yourself whether you are attacking what a person said or who they are—if you are attacking who they are, then in all likelihood you are out of bounds. If you are critiqueing what they said or the evidence they provided,  then this is less likely to be ad hominem (although it could still be out of bounds for other reasons.)
  • No link or pic only. Links to useful resources are welcome. However, comments containing only a link will be deleted. At least provide a short summary of the content of the webpage to facilitate discussion (and show you understand the page you're linking to). Similarly, images are very welcome as they can be very useful in explaining the science. But comments with pictures in isolation without explanation will be deleted.
  • No ALL CAPS. You can't have a civil, constructive discussion if you're shouting.
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