Taegen Edwards

Research Fellow at Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

As a research fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Taegen currently contributes to a number of projects under the Climate Transformations initiative, which is broadly concerned with the social impacts of climate change and enabling positive, transformative responses that are consistent with just and sustainable communities. The work, previously undertaken through the McCaughey Centre: VicHealth Centre for the Promotion of Mental Health and Community Wellbeing, has involved close partnerships with academics from a range of disciplines, local government, greenhouse alliances, community sector organisations and several Victorian Government departments to conduct research and events including workshops, forums and a short course.

Taegen completed a Bachelor of Arts /Commerce at the University of Melbourne and Honours at Monash University analysing the implications of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. She has previously worked in a research and policy role at the Municipal Association of Victoria, as a trainer with the Green Steps program – a sustainability and behaviour change program run through the Monash Sustainability Institute – and as a research assistant to the Climate Change and Sustainable Business Project at Monash University. She is also a member of Yarra Climate Action Now, a community climate action group based in the City of Yarra.

Blog Posts

With Courage We Can Build a Post-Carbon Australia

Posted on 10 June 2011 by John Wiseman & Taegen Edwards

How many wake up calls do we need? The latest International Energy Agency figures, published recently in The Guardian newspaper, show global carbon emissions are at their highest ever levels.

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